Fantastic Negrito in the Guardian

April 02, 2018

Fantastic Negrito in the Guardian

“You wanna hear my robbery tactics?” says the rangy 48-year-old sitting opposite me in a Soho ramen house. “I’d make friends with the kid that was not that popular. I’d go to his house. I’d find a house key and secretly make a copy. Then I’d find out the schedule of the family. Then, when they were gone, I’d make my move. I was that kind of robber.”

Ask Xavier Dphrepaulezz (it’s pronounced “dee-FREP-ah-lez”) about any of his past lives – including his teenage years of petty crime while in foster care – and he has a way of taking you to the heart of the action. His story is, by any criteria, extraordinary, and the enjoyment he derives from sharing it is infectious.


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