Fantastic Negrito nominated for the "BEST CONTEMPORARY BLUES" category:

- Best Contemporary Blues Album -  "Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?"

"Something I really like is the way you shift gears without leaving the tracks.  You've got the patience man to let it set in, so I really appreciate that." Jason Isbell 

"Have You Lost your Mind Yet? is more than just a timely release, it's also the most thrilling set of music yet in the two time grammy winner's career." Esquire

"Modern electric blues as Prince and George Clinton would have it." Rolling Stone

"There aren't many that push boundaries with the innovative inclusiveness that Fantastic Negrito doggedly follows. He's one of America's most unique and unusual artists, exemplified by this original and compelling release." American Songwriter

"The songs are so raw and visceral and real.. completely scorching." NPR Music

 Thank you so much for your consideration.


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