Fantastic Negrito is in consideration for 11 different grammy categories:

Album Of The Year - "Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?"

- Contemporary Blues Album -  "Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?"

- Best Music Video - "Chocolate Samurai"

- Best Engineered Album -"Have You Lost Your Mind Yet?"

- Record Of The Year - "Chocolate Samurai"

- Song Of The Year - "Chocolate Samurai"

- American Roots Performance - "Chocolate Samurai"

- R&B Song - "I'm So Happy I Cry" (Feat Tarriona "Tank" Ball)

- R&B Performance - "Your Sex Is Overrated" (feat. Masa Kohama)

- American Roots Song - "How Long?"

- Melodic Rap Performance - "Searching For Captain Save A Hoe" (feat E-40) 


Thank you so much for your consideration.


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