Fantastic Negrito scares the shit out of the establishment

After running away from home and hustling through music school, a car crash derailed the dreams of Xavier Dphrepaulezz. Then, at the age of 45, he reinvented himself as Fantastic Negrito to Grammy-winning acclaim. Now all he wants to do is save the world.

Chain Breaker | Improper Bostonian

Blues rocker turns roller-coaster career into street-fed philosophy...

"Please Don't Be Dead" é o Fantastic Negrito revolucionando o blues - Escuta Essa Review

Fantastic Negrito - Please Don't Be Dead (2018) Por Gabriel Sacramento Que discaço! Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz, o Fantastic Negrito, quase desistiu da música várias vezes devido a uma vida difícil, que parecia jogar contra ele e contra seu sonho.

Robert Plant, Los Lobos, Fantastic Negrito and more emphasize tradition at Arroyo Seco

"Music is medicine for the soul," declared the singer who performs as Fantastic Negrito, eagerly prowling a stage on Sunday with a revivalist's fury leading into the final hours of Arroyo Seco Weekend in Pasadena. There were bigger names at the Goldenvoice-presented festival, now in its second year, than the artist born Xavier Amin Dhprepaulezz, but the crowd was right there with him.

Fantastic Negrito ha vissuto dieci vite, tutte dedicate al blues

Probabilmente non reggerei un minuto della vita di Xavier Dphrepaulezz senza mettermi a piangere. Invece Xavier Dphrepaulezz è uno che ha vissuto dieci vite di Xavier Dphrepaulezz, ed è arrivato a cinquant'anni in splendida forma.

Fantastic Negrito Please Don't Be Dead

With his fourth album as an artist, the musical reinvention of Fantastic Negrito is nearly complete. The man born Xavier Dphrepaulezz from O...

How Cannabis Fueled the Rise of Oakland Bluesman Fantastic Negrito | Leafly

When Oakland's Fantastic Negrito won a Grammy for Best Contemporary Blues Album in 2017, for his debut LP The Last Days of Oakland, he didn't celebrate at a private party, surrounded by the Los Angeles music industry. No, he took his Grammy down to the local train station and busked, as he has done for years.

Soul king Fantastic Negrito crafts an anthem to resilience on 'Please Don't Be Dead' | AFROPUNK

"Take that bullshit / Turn it into good shit." The triumphant reinvention of Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz as Fantastic Negrito is one of the very few, if not only, 3rd acts in rock. After a twice-sidelined solo career, once by the coma that gives Please Don't Be Dead its album cover, Dphrepaulezz came roaring back in 2014 as one ...

Review: Fantastic Negrito has great sequel to Grammy winner

Fantastic Negrito, "Please Don't Be Dead" (Blackball Universe/Cooking Vinyl) Fantastic Negrito has an incredible, inspiring backstory but it would be a shame to unwittingly allow it to overshadow the issue at hand, the truly fantastic blend of blues, funk, rock and R&B created on "Please Don't Be Dead" by the man born Xavier Dphrepaulezz.

Hear Fantastic Negrito's Stomping New Song 'The Duffler'

Fantastic Negrito's crunchy take on blues and R&B channels the paranoia and despair of present-day American life, and on new song "The Duffler" the results are as sinister as ever. The soon-to-be-released LP from Fantastic Negrito, Please Don't Be Dead, is front man Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz's plea to his country, one where he fears for the future and the safety of his children.

Deeper Than Rap: 10 Genre-Bending Black Artists Making Waves

In celebration of Black Music Month, EBONY wanted to spotlight Black artists that have excelled outside of the niche of hip-hop and R&B, and who are widening the scope of Black music be breaking the stereotyped rules of the industry and are mixing genres and cultures across the world.

This is Fantastic Negrito's America

In his essential book on the American musical tradition, Mystery Train, Greil Marcus wrote of iconic bluesman Robert Johnson: To be an American is to feel the promise as a birthright, and to feel alone and haunted when the promise fails.

Fantastic Negrito Pleads with His Country on New Album Please Don't Be Dead | East Bay Express

A lot has happened to Xavier Amin Dphrepaulezz, a.k.a. Fantastic Negrito, since the musician won the Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album last year with The Last Days of Oakland.

Fantastic Negrito fights for survival, equality

On his Grammy-winning 2016 debut album, "The Last Days of Oakland," Fantastic Negrito recorded his observations of Oakland's working class, festering away in poverty and under the constant threat of drug addiction and gun violence.

Fantastic Negrito: Please Don't Be Dead

If you all knew about Fantastic Negrito was that he won NPR's first Tiny Desk Contest in 2015, you might think he had lived a charmed life-and in a way he has, but not because of that. Xavier Dphrepaulezz's life is charmed by the fact that he's still living it.

Fantastic Negrito: Please Don't Be Dead

If you all knew about Fantastic Negrito was that he won NPR's first Tiny Desk Contest in 2015, you might think he had lived a charmed life-and in a way he has, but not because of that. Xavier Dphrepaulezz's life is charmed by the fact that he's still living it.

Fantastic Negrito refuses to let Grammy win distract him

You'd think that any artist who wins a Grammy award - as Fantastic Negrito did for best contemporary blues album for his 2016 release, "The Last Days of Oakland" - would be thrilled. But Negrito, born Xavier Dphrepaulezz in 1968, saw it as a distraction. "What did winning a Grammy do for me?"

Review: Please Don't Be Dead by Fantastic Negrito

By Tom O'Connor 2017 Grammy winner for Best Contemporary Blues album, Fantastic Negrito continues to dig deeper than deep to tell his stories from the streets of Oakland (and America) while stretching the boundaries of the blues on his new Cooking Vinyl release Please Don't Be Dead, out June 15th.

INTERVIEW - Fantastic Negrito jamais à court de vivre - Rolling Stone

Sur le visuel de ce nouvel album, il apparaît abattu, rompu, le regard vide, le bras gauche et le poignet droit dans le plâtre, et avec en suppression, un bracelet d'hôpital annonçant, en plus de ce Please Don't Be Dead en guise de titre dudit album, une date d'admission : 25 novembre 1999.

Fantastic Negrito Returns, With Arrows Aimed At A Culture That's 'Lost Its Way'

"I wanted to come out swinging. With everything happening in the world, I wanted to take it head on." And with that, Fantastic Negrito sends a sound wave blast aimed straight at what he sees as our culture's evils. "Addiction, guns, censorship, overconsumption.

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